Ibanez Destroyer Model: DTB-500
Guitar Image
Sample 2013 DTB-500 TG

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Status: Sample[1], later released as a production model: the DTB-400
Model: DTB-500
Line: Destroyer[2]
Serial Number Format: fyymmpppp[3]
Machine Heads: unknown
Neck Composition: unknown
Neck Type: Bolt-on
Fingerboard Composition: Rosewood
Fret Count: 22
Scale (inches): unknown
Body Composition: unknown
Binding (H / N / B): N / N / Y
Number of Pick-Ups: 2
Pick-Ups by Position (N / M / B): x / unknown / unknown
Bridge: unknown
Tail: unknown
Controls: unknown
Control Knobs: unknowns
Hardware Color: Gold
Finish(es): Transparent Grey (TG)
Market: N/A
Year of First Catalog Appearance: N/A
Catalog Appearances: N/A
Comments: this sample appears to be the precursor to the 2014 DTB-400.
[1] a sample is a pre-production edition of a guitar, usually a one-off, that is used as a demonstrator within Hoshino-Gakki to determine whether that particular design will become a production model. Model samples may vary by hardware configuration or by something as trivial as having a different colored finish. Samples may also be used as demonstrators at trade shows to advertise an upcoming product prior to its release.
[2] beginning in the 1990s with the release of the first DT-420 and continuing today, it has become somewhat difficult to determine exactly to which line a given Destroyer model belongs: DT Series, EX Series, new X-Series, DTX Series, DTT Series, or Destroyer series. We have seen multiple sources containing seemingly contradictory information so, throughout this site, we are making the assumption that the DT Series is the parent series for all Destroyers manufactured since 1990 and that all other notations are sub, or child, series.
[3] the Serial Number Format for this model is I1307pppp where:

I = factory of manufacture
13 = last two digits of the year of manufacture (e.g.: 13 = 2013)
07 = month of manufacture (e.g.: 01 = Jan, 02 = Feb, ... , 11 = Nov, 12 = Dec)
pppp = the sequential production number for this individual guitar