Ibanez Destroyer Model: 2459B
Guitar Image
1977 Model 2459B KR

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Status: Known
Model: 2459B
Line: N/A - original production model
Serial Number Format: myypppp[1]
Machine Heads: Artist Bass Guitar Machines #303
Neck Composition: unknown
Neck Type: Set
Fingerboard Composition: Rosewood
Fret Count: 20
Scale (inches): unknown
Body Composition: unknown
Binding (H / N / B): N / N / N
Number of Pick-Ups: 2
Pick-Ups by Position (N / M / B): unknown[2]
Bridge: Bass Guitar Bridge #203 (3-point suspension)
Tail: Bass Guitar Bridge #203 (3-point suspension)
Controls: (2) Volume
(1) Master Tone
(1) 3-way Toggle
Control Knobs: unknown
Hardware Color: Nichrome
Finish(es): African Korina (KR)
Market: West[3]
Year of First Catalog Appearance: 1976[4]
Catalog Appearances: 1976 Electric Guitars and Basses (German)[4]
1977 Electric Guitars and Basses (German)
Comments: none
[1] the Serial Number Format for this model is myypppp where:

m = month of manufacture (e.g.: A = Jan, B = Feb, ... , K = Nov, L = Dec)
yy = last two digits of the year of manufacture (e.g.: 76 = 1976)
pppp = the sequential production number for this individual guitar out of all Ibanez electric guitars manufactured during the specified month/year at a given factory

Note: pppp is not the total number of guitars manufactured of this model.
[2] in the 1977 model pictured at the top of this page, the neck/middle pick-up pair are unmarked. The bridge pick-up has 277 20 stamped in ink on the bottom of the ground plate but no other markings.
[3] the targeted Market values are assumptions based upon the geographic region or the language of the catalog(s) in which a given model appears. If a model appears in a Japanese language catalog, the Market is assumed to be East. If a model appears in an English language catalog, the Market is assumed to be West. Otherwise, geographic area such as North America or Asia determines the market designation of East or West.
[4] technically, the Model 2459B appeared in two Ibanez catalogs but the appearances were of little practical value. A "beauty shot" of the Model 2459B appeared in the November 1976 and October 1977 German language Ibanez Electric Guitars and Basses catalogs but no information was provided, not even the model designation.

X Marks the Spot!

WARNING - this is a pickguard tracing taken from the 1977 Model 2459B pictured at the top of this page. This pickguard may not fit your Model 2459B.

The pickguard is a three layer White/Black/White "sandwich".

You will need to save the image of the tracing on your local computer and resize it for your needs.

To Save: mouse over the image below, right click, select "Save Image As..."

Model 2459B Pickguard Template