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1984 Ibanez Interview with Phil Collen

Listen to the Ibanez Phil Collen interview from the picture disk advertised in the November 1985 issue of Music Life.

Collen is being interviewed by Def Leppard's (then) manager, Peter Mensch. Rich Lasner (manager of guitar design and R&D "for Ibanez Guitars") introduces the interview and states it was recorded on "December 8th".

The advertisement appeared in the November 1985 issue of Music Life so we're assuming the interview occurred in December 1984.

Note: there are about 6 seconds of silence at the beginning of each side. Requires an MP3 player.

Most of the discussions of Collen's Destroyers are on Side 1 of the interview. A brief mention in passing for the first time occurs around the 2:15 mark. There is a longer discussion of Collen's Destroyer for almost 2 minutes beginning around the 2:31 mark.

The interview goes into other topics for a bit and then returns with a discussion of Collen's Destroyer pick-ups around the 5:30 mark.

Another brief mention in passing of Collen's Destroyer occurs around the 7:34 mark, and a final 30 second discussion begins around the 9:20 mark.

There is one brief mention of Collen's Destroyer on Side 2 at the 5:38 mark.

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