Ibanez Destroyer Model: 2459 (mahogany)
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Guitar Image
1975 pre-serial number, mahogany Model 2459

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The "Ibanez" inlay is larger on the mahogany Model 2459s than on the sen Model 2459s.

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The tip of the headstock is much more pointy on the mahogany Model
2459s than on the sen Model 2459s. The "star tuners" used on the sen
Model 2459s can also be clearly seen on this mahogany Model 2459.

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The neck heels on the mahogany Model 2459s are stepped as are the neck heels of the
earliest sen Model 2459s.

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Sen 2459s
The information found on this page is for the Model 2459s made from mahogany.

For information regarding the Model 2459s made from sen and maple (the so-called "Korina Destroyers"), please visit our Model 2459 page.

Mahogany 2459s
Status: Known
Model: 2459 (mahogany)
Line: N/A
Serial Number Format: none
Machine Heads: unknown
Neck Composition: Mahogany
Neck Type: Set
Fingerboard Composition: Rosewood
Fret Count: 22
Scale (inches): unknown
Body Composition: Mahogany
Binding (H / N / B): ? / ? / ?
Number of Pick-Ups: 2
Pick-Ups by Position (N / M / B): unknown
Bridge: unknown
Tail: unknown
Controls: (2) Volume
(1) Master Tone
(1) 3-way Toggle
Control Knobs: unknown
Hardware Color: unknown
Finish(es): Mahogany stain
Market: unknown
Year of First Catalog Appearance: 1975 Summer NAMM in Chicago, IL, USA[1]
Catalog Appearances: 1975 Summer NAMM in Chicago, IL, USA[1]
Comments: the common belief is that the first production Model 2459s were made from mahogany in addition to the prototypes created for the 1975 Summer NAMM[1] but this is unverified.
[1] Ibanez - The Untold Story, Specht, Wright, and Donahue, 2005, Hoshino (U.S.A.) Inc, ISBN: 0-976-4277-0-2, pp 73, inset.