Ibanez Destroyer Model: DT-155
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1985 DT-155 BK

Guitar Image
1984 DT-155 MS

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Status: Known
Model: DT-155
Line: X-Series
Serial Number Format: K302xxx or myypppp[1]
Machine Heads: Smooth Tuner II
Neck Composition: Maple 1-piece
Neck Type: Bolt-on
Fingerboard Composition: Rosewood
Fret Count: 21 (early 1983) or 22 (mid-1983 - end of run)
Scale (inches): 25.5"
Body Composition: Birch & Basswood
Binding (H / N / B): ? / ? / ?
Number of Pick-Ups: 3
Pick-Ups by Position (N / M / B): Super-70 / Super-70 / Super-70
Bridge: Standard tremolo or Powerocker
Tail: Standard tremolo or Powerocker
Controls: (1) Master Volume
(1) Middle Pick-up Volume
(1) Master Tone
(1) 3-way Toggle
Control Knobs: Tek Grip
Sure Grip II
Hardware Color: Chrome
Finish(es): Black (BK)
Marine Sunburst (MS)
Market: West[2]
Year of First Catalog Appearance: 1985
Catalog Appearances: Guitar Heavyweights - Phil Collen and the DT555
Comments: none
[1] the Serial Number Format for this model may be either K302xxx or myypppp. For both the DT-150 and DT-155 models, it appears that the serial numbers prior to approximately June 1983 are in the format K302xxx. We do not currently know how this format breaks down.

For the DT-150 and DT-155 models produced in June 1983 and later, the serial number format is myypppp where:

m = month of manufacture (e.g.: A = Jan, B = Feb, ... , K = Nov, L = Dec)
yy = last two digits of the year of manufacture (e.g.: 85 = 1985)
pppp = the sequential production number for this individual guitar out of all Ibanez electric guitars manufactured during the specified month/year at a given factory

Note: pppp is not the total number of guitars manufactured of this model.
[2] the targeted Market values are assumptions based upon the geographic region or the language of the catalog(s) in which a given model appears. If a model appears in a Japanese language catalog, the Market is assumed to be East. If a model appears in an English language catalog, the Market is assumed to be West. Otherwise, geographic area such as North America or Asia determines the market designation of East or West.

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The view of the potentiometers and the toggle switch is from the back of the guitar.

All shielded wires running to the 3-way toggle switch have their shields soldered to the metal switch casing.

All shielded wires running to the potentiometers have their shields soldered to their respective potentiometer's metal casing.

The open post on the Master Tone control is correct.

DT-155 Wiring Diagram
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Guitar Heavyweights - Phil Collen and the DT555 / Heavy Metal Machinery
Guitar Heavyweights - Phil Collen and the DT555? Heavy Metal Machinery?

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Guitar Image

Guitar Heavyweights

DT155 DT555 Spec Sheet

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1985 Price List

1985 Price List

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February 1984 Price List
February 1984 Price List