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1985 DT-4550 BK-FE
TheDestroyerGuy is a fan site devoted to the free exchange of information relating to the various models of the Ibanez Destroyer electric guitar.
This site was last updated on 03 September 2014. Please refresh your browser cache often to ensure you get the latest changes.
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New  The Destroyer Guy web site will be on autopilot for the remainder of the 2014 calendar year. We will be completely unplugged and not responding to emails during this period due to serious medical issues. Feel free to email us anyway and we will respond when we can.

New  A brand new Limited Edition Destroyer bass has just been released: the DTB-400. Grab yours before they disappear forever!

The free t-shirt promotion has ended. Thank you again to all of our followers who have made TheDestroyerGuy so successful throughout its first two years in cyberspace.

We've added the 1984 Ibanez interview with Phil Collen as two .mp3 files in the Miscellaneous section of the site. This capture contains the contents of the the Ibanez picture disk advertised in 1985. Listen to the interview here.

We have removed the +/- images. Simply click on any section header image and that section will collapse/expand.

We have added new navigation images on the Home page.

We have updated the pick-up listing to include the newly released 2014 DT-420.

We have added a new page for the recently released 2014 DT-420 and we have also updated the Gallery page to include it, as well.

New  A brand new Limited Edition Destroyer bass has just been released: the DTB-400. Grab yours before they disappear forever!

The new 2014 DT-420 TCH has been released. Get 'em while they're hot!

Wow! Lots of new Destroyers but the model numbers get a little bit confusing, so let's start at the beginning. The DT-520FM-CRS and the DT-520-BK were released first. Both have chrome hardware. Aside from having different colored finishes, the difference between these two models is that the "FM" model has a Flame Maple cap on the body.

Recently, two variants of the DT-520 were released in the US, exclusively to the Guitar Center/Musician's Friend chains: the DT1GFM and the DT2G. These are versions of the DT-520FM and DT-520 that have gold hardware rather than chrome. The DT1GFM comes in either a Cherry Red Sunburst or a Vintage Sunburst finish. The DT2G comes only in a Candy Apple finish. The major difference between the DT1GFM/DT2G and the DT-520FM/DT-520 is that the tone control on the DT1GFM/DT2G has a push/pull operation that is a coil tap function.

If you look on the Ibanez (Japan) web site, you'll see what appears to be the DT-520FM-CRS, DT-520-BK, and the DT2G-CA except the model numbers shown are DT-520FMGB, DT-520GB, and DT-520GGB, respectively. After asking an authoritative source, it seems the "GB" designation denotes "gigbag", which would make the model numbers align for the DT-520FM and DT-520.

It was our understanding that the DT2G was exclusive to Guitar Center/Musician's Friend yet the Ibanez (Japan) web site is clearly showing it as a model DT-520G.

A note on years: unless otherwise indicated, the years provided in the timelines below are the years each model first appeared in Ibanez marketing materials (i.e.: catalogs, flyers, brochures, etc).

Actual dates of manufacture may precede these catalog appearance dates.

 6-String Models 

Three model numbers were reused: DT-200 (1983/2004), DT-400 (1980/1996), and DT-420 (1992/2002/2012 sample/2014).

The second incarnation of the DT-420 (2002) is a reissue of the second incarnation of the DT-400 (1996).

The 2014 DT-420 appears to be the same guitar as the 2013 DT-520 but with a new finish and different pick-ups.

Known Models

  1975:  Mahogany Model 2459[1]
  1976:  Model 2459
  1980:  DT-50DT-400 (first incarnation)
  1982:  DT-300
  1983:  DT-100DT-150DT-155DT-200 (first incarnation),  DT-500DT-555
  1984:  DT-355DT-450
  1985:  DT-250DT-330DT-350DT-380DT-4550
  1986:  DG-350[2]DG-351DG-555[2]
  1992:  DT-420[3] (first incarnation),  MED-320[3]
  1996:  DT-400 (second incarnation)
  2001:  DTX-120
  2002:  DT-420[3] (second incarnation)
  2004:  DT-200 (second incarnation)
  2009:  DTT-700
  2011:  GDTM21 Mikro[3]
  2013:  DT-520 / DT1GFM / DT2G[3]
  2014:  DT-420[3] (third incarnation)

Known Samples

What is a "sample"?

A sample is a pre-production edition of a guitar, usually a one-off, that is used as a demonstrator within Hoshino-Gakki to determine whether that particular design will become a production model. Model samples may vary by hardware configuration or by something as trivial as having a different colored finish. Samples may also be used as demonstrators at trade shows to advertise an upcoming product prior to its release.

  2012:  DT-420GFMDT-520FM

Speculative Models (urban legend)


Unknown Models: We need your help identifying these models

  1983:  Mystery 6-String
  1985:  Mystery 6-String #2

Similar Models (not Destroyers)

  2007:  Arondite ADD-120

 Bass Models 

Known Models

  1976:  Model 2459B
  1981:  DT-700[3]
  1983:  DT-600
  1984:  DT-650[3]DT-670DT-870
  1985:  DB-700DT-6750
  1986:  DB-800
  2011:  DTB-100[3]
  2013:  MDB3[3]
  2014:  DTB-400[3]


[1] the Model 2459 prototype was created for the 1975 Summer NAMM in Chicago, IL, USA (Ibanez - The Untold Story, Specht, Wright, and Donahue, 2005, Hoshino (U.S.A.) Inc, ISBN: 0-976-4277-0-2, pg 73, inset).
[2] note the model name changes in 1986 from DT-350 to DG-350 and from DT-555 to DG-555.
[3] the following models did not appear in any known marketing materials so the years provided are from actual dates of manufacture: 1981 DT-700, 1984 DT-650, 1992 DT-420, 1992 MED-320, 2002 DT-420, 2011 GDTM21 Mikro, 2011 DTB-100, 2013 MDB3, 2013 DT-520 / DT1GFM / DT2G, 2014 DT-420, and the 2014 DTB-400.


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The intent of this web site is the free exchange of information relating to the various models of the Ibanez Destroyer electric guitar. The information provided throughout this web site is intended for use by Ibanez Destroyer aficionados for any non-commercial, non-profit, non-gain purpose subject to the following caveats and exceptions:

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  • except for photographic images on pages stating that usage of said images requires the owner's written consent.
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